Fireplace surround & Brick Whitewash

jemcdonaldDecember 26, 2012

Hello - looking for ideas of what to do with this wall/fireplace. Thinking about whitewashing the brick and adding a mantle. Possibly crown on the surrounding walls and tying it into the brick somehow. Thoughts?

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I think you might get more response if you post this on the decorating and /or paint forum.
I know you are thinking of a whitewash and not a paint, but I would think twice about that. Unless you have a specific total look in mind for the room of course. There was a big fad for painting brick white in the sixties, and most people regretted it. Cannot be undone. (Maybe whitewash is easier to change)
Anyway the white painted brick looked cold and harsh somehow. Better to work with what you have. Brick is natural, and if you clean it up (some of the bricks which look grey could be darkened somehow to blend in better with the nicer red ones) and add a mantle - I would go for a lovely old chunky piece of wood to keep that natural, organic look going.
It`s hard to tell about the actual fireplace from the photo, but I think whatever you have should be flush with the floor - marble is commonly used, in europe at least, but with the brick a black or gray slate might be better. Some kind of stone.
That`s the way I would go anyway.
Good luck

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thanks for the input, ill try that forum too.

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