Getting alot of smoke in house from FP....

wynnsmanDecember 28, 2009

Hello I have a new constructed home and every time I build a fire in my prefab wood fp I get alot of smoke in the home....I have the flue wide open and also a side vent open. It makes no difference if windy, windows open or closed.....Any suggestions are welcome,,,,thanks in advance.....

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We have a insert, it was just boiling the smoke out when we opened the door. We have to pull the damper full out, open the door just a crack and wait a few seconds before we can open to load. The house seems like it is always full of smoke,smells so bad! I read something on an older post about a crimped liner causing this issue. Something about when a boot is added. This maybe part of my issue not sure. But this is an insert. Talk to the company who built it they may have some ideas.

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Thanks ill give the builder a call...

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Before starting a fire, take a hand held torch and place it inside near the top of your fireplace near the flute. If the flame is going up, then you know the smoke will raise. If it is coming back into your house you're going to get smoke.
I do this because in my house if the wind is blowing out of the south, I get down draft back into my house and if I try to start a fire, my house will fill up with smoke. I have heard that changing the chinney cap may help reduce the downdraft problems from wind sometimes. The problem has a lot to do with your roof design and were the fireplace chinney is. You just have to keep checking it with the torch on different wind directions.

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I have noticed that I get smoke in the room when my furnace kicks on. There is a return in the ceiling at the back of the den where the fireplace is located, and it apparently pulls very effectively. This is probably not causing your problem, but I lived here for several years before I made the connection.

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