Exploding cookware!

OakleyMay 2, 2010

Okay, now I'm freaked. One of our local news stations have been advertising a story they'll be doing this week about cookware exploding. It's not a channel I watch the news on, but I looked it up on the Internet.

One place say Pyrex is exploding...the glass lids.

A couple of sites say it's Wolfgang Puck's lids that are literally exploding, with glass going everywhere, even after taking it off the hot pan.

I have the Wolfgang Puck set which I bought almost ten years ago and I love it. The best stainless steel pots I've ever used. All with glass lids.

I wonder if I'm out of the woods?

Anyone else hear of this? If I remember to watch the segment this week, I'll let you know what they say. Oh, when I did the search I noticed another ABC station will be doing the same story.

Here's a link I found:

Here is a link that might be useful: Exploding Cookware

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"Made in China" says it all. Unfortunately, we are being forced into becoming a nation of label readers to protect ourselves from the shoddy workmanship of Chinese produced products. This is not going to stop until we stop buying them. Remember the dog food scare? There was also a pair of flip flops sold at WM that caused severe blistering. Just two examples before this one.

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To be honest, I don't think the problem is just limited to that pot set. I had a corningware pyrex dish explode in my oven a couple of years ago and when I did some research there was a lot of talk about the dangers of tempered glass. Not long after this happened, there was a woman in the bath forum who said her new glass vessel sink exploded so hard that there were shars of glass in the drywall! If anyone had been around when it happened, there easily could have been some serious injury. Luckily everyone was sitting in another room.

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Pris, some of the best cookware is made in China and doesn't explode. So it's not China's fault.

Lukki, they said Pyrex is another that explodes. And Pyrex has been around for how many years now? I was surprised to hear that Pyrex was included because it's always been reliable.

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From Snopes ...

"all glass bakeware is susceptible to breakage. All users of glass bakeware (regardless of brand) should follow some basic steps to minimize the possibility of such an occurrence:

* Read the instructions packaged with the product to make sure your intended use is within the guidelines. Some brands of bakeware, for example, may not be recommended for uses above a specified temperature, even though other brands are.

* In general, glass bakeware should be used only with conventional ovens, not on stove tops or with toaster ovens or broilers.

* Always use (dry) potholders or oven mitts to handle glass bakeware that has been heated.

* Avoid subjecting glass bakeware to sudden, extreme changes in temperature, such as submerging still-hot pans in water or transferring them to a freezer. Instead, allow the pans to sit until they have returned to close to room temperature first.

Here is a link that might be useful: exploding Pyrex

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Is it just glass?

I had a ceramic pie pan explode into pieces in the oven. For some absent minded reason, I had put it in on top of a cookie sheet. It was really a lucky error otherwise I would have been scraping burned pie filling from the bottom of the oven.

It was a little ironic because it was the first time I used it and I still had the "oven safe" sticker stuck to the trash can liner.

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I have had both a pyrex cover to a corningware baker and a glass lid to a ss pot shatter. You just never know. The lid had a stainless steel band around it which held the shattered glass intact. The pyrex cover made a huge mess in the oven. Nobody was hurt.

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From what I understand, it's anything made out of tempered glass which is "supposed" to be resistent to breakage. Go figure...I tossed it all, decided I didn't want to risk that again and I won't use it. I found some reasonably priced LaCruset at Home Good to use instead.

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As a girl, I had a pyrex dish explode when I heated it on the stove burners.

My experience has been that those 'consumer alert' lead ins by the news shows are leaning toward tabloid TV. We had something recently, can't recall what it was, but they were leading with these ominous bits for days, then we watched the actual spot, it was such a farce.

It may be in some cases it's a flaw, such as a bubble in the piece that will cause it to explode. But I'd almost bet that the segment will be about what CAN happen if you heat a pyrex or ceramic dish on direct flame.

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Pesky, I think this is "ratings" month for the network affiliates, they do this every couple of months, advertise for a story for weeks, then get to it and it's a dud. lol.

What I found online seems to mostly be the glass lids.

And Pesky, I don't think we're supposed to put a Pyrex dish on a stove burner. LOL

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I have the same set and for 4 years. Sam's Club said they will take it back, no questions or reciept necessary. Am going to do this, even though there has not been an issue. My concern is there could be. Will probably have to look for a more expensive and suitable set, which doesn't hurt my feelings.

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A wolfgang puck pot lid exploded in my kitchen recently it sounded like a bomb and the glass looked like shrapnel every where would not suggest using this set.

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