Anyone have an electric fireplace that looks like a built in?

mom2-3boysDecember 31, 2009

I have a house without a fireplace:( I'm thinking of getting an electric one and having bookcases built in the side to make a "Built in" look. I would also like to have my flat screen t.v sit on top or be mounted abouve the fireplace. Any suggestion? I can picture what I want in my mind just don't know how to do it.

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Come on peeps!!! Help a girl out will ya??

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We have two electric fireplaces and we love them! If you are painting the fireplace/bookshelves you could have it caulked together and then painted, if you're not painting though just bring the bookcases right next to the fireplace or cover any gaps with molding. They plug in right behind themselves so if you can put it in front of an outlet you won't see a cord or anything. Some people even make hearths out of tile. Dimplex is the best brand in general, though neither of ours are dimplex and they are just as believable as can be (make sure if you get a different brand that you see it working with the lights off, some of these things are crazy tacky!) good luck!

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Yes I am going to paint it ... I found a dimplex on craigs list in oak finish I think if I prime and paint it it will look good. Thanks for the advise :)

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Anyone else? sure could use some pictures for insperation!

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