gas fireplace turns on by itself!

gramsbearDecember 9, 2012

And it wont shut off unless we turn off the gas.It has a wall switch,no remotes.Saw this same problem posted in 2007 but no real answers.Unless ghosts were the answer!!!
Its pretty scary to find the fire going when we didnt turn it on.
My house is 15 years old and this started in about 2008.Just kept the gas off until recently but the problem still exists....

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When you refer to wall switch I presume that it's a OFF/ON switch and not thermostatically controlled. Either way you need to have it replaced.

As well if you haven't used the fireplace regularly for 4 years it would be prudent to have it serviced by a pro. We don't want to mess about with explosive gases especially in our homes. Here an annual service is around $100.00.

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