gas fireplace flames...

arlene_2007December 16, 2007

the front, near the front of my logs...looks like a row of individual tiny flames,. like teeth!

in the middle of my logs its a nice flickering flame.

the burner has lots of small holes across the front making that "teeth" effect.

we cleaned it out today..previous owner had insulation in the front to block those small flames. i thought that looked like a fire hazard?? but the teeth looking flames look ridiculous. how or what can i put there to make it look more like glowing ..instead of teeth.

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okay, after much research..i see this is a normal thing and i need purchase glowing embers?

i have written down the name of a fireplace store and i think i will take a trip over to them to inquire more :)

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Keep us posted, Arlene: I think the insulation you removed may have been the glowing embers.

Most brands of gas fireplace have a very specific layout of logs and 'ember' materials that are supposed to be arranged *just so*. Pity: I always want to get in there and change things around...

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