Quadra fire 1200 Pellet stove

rob_saraDecember 4, 2008

Hi there,

we have had this Quadra-Fire pellet stove for some time now. We're having a problem with it and I'm pulling my hair out to try and figure out what the problem could be. The stove lights up fine and burns for a good half hour, then the fire extinguishes itself. I figured out that the exhaust fan stops functioning (turns off) and that is why the flames go out. The exhaust fan turns off and on, on intervals. I have tried bypassing the snap discs, still nothing. If I switch the convection fan speed to low and then back to high, the exhaust fan turns on for a few minutes and then turns off again. Something is making the exhaust fan turn off. Has any one seen, heard, or experianced this problem before? If so would someone be so kind to tell me what the problem could be and what I can do to resolve it while I still have some hair left... LOL

Thanks to all that read this and reply!

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Unfortunately, pellet stoves are moderately complicated electro/mechanical/electronic equipment these days. Analyzing problems often requires a detailed understanding of the equipment and good diagnostic skills.

Not really do it your self equipment.

That's something people should consider before buying pellet stoves --- and they should take particular care to verify that there are multiple sources of qulified repair services available BEFORE buying, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it's not unusual to find pellet stove owners left high and dry as far as service goes. Calling an outfit you thought was available and finding out that they are closed or that they can schedule you for service in March happens not uncommonly.

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Hi, thanks for the reply... You said it exactly... when we bought it we figured the dealer would still be around... 5 years later I need service and the dealer went out of business... the earliest qualified service tech I can find is able to come near the end of Feb. I'm a pretty on hands kind of guy, very, very rare I call a tech for anything. I was able to fix our heat pump and propane furnace, so I figured why not our pellet stove and what better place to get advise... Here! :-)

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