First time refinishing wood floor

dingodemayoMarch 25, 2013

I recently moved into an apartment where three issues destroyed a dark stained wood mud room floor. 1. The previous tenant kept small dogs in there and they urinated constantly on the floor and it ate away at the sealant. 2. To get rid of the horrible smell we had to soak the floor in a 1/2" of bleach for 6-8 hours total. And 3. A leaky radiator left gallons of water soaking on the floor, further damaging it. So now I am left with an ugly floor that soaks every liquid up and makes it stink! The corners of the room are still nice but the majority looks awful. I would like to refinish the floors and have gotten numerous recommendations about hood finishing products and was planning to use namely the wiping wood stain in ebony (as this is darker than the current stain) and the hydrocoate clear polyurethane in satin (don't like super shiny wood floors). I'm quite new to this and don't mind working for awhile and its only about a 7' x 9' room. I have a hand sander that I plan on using and will do the corners by hand, but what is the process? I've read about twenty how to's without a definitive plan on the order of things, sand paper grit, etc. also, many people have told me if I don't sand down past all of the current stain, the floor won't accept new stain. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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You can try, but the dog urine smell will never go away and it is doubtful that you will be able to sand it enough to remove the visual damage that has been done by the urine and the radiator leak. We usually replace the offending boards with new.

Yes, you have to sand all the finish and sealer off the wood. Doing a 7' X 9' room using a hand sander, even one with a motor, would seem that it wouldn't take much time and effort, but that won't be the case.

If sanding doesn't give you the results you want, then consider ripping it all out and starting with new material.

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Small room big job. Get ready for a sore back and knees

That being said.

Rough all the old finish and sand level using whatever grit required. Try p40. But you may use lower.

Then make youre next cut using a grit double to what your previous cut used.
(i.e p50 on first cut. Next cut should be double. p50*2 = p100)

Generally for stains ill finish sanding once i get to p100.

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