Does house smell of wood smoke with Tulikivi?

mountainhouse07December 3, 2007

We are building a home in the Colorado mountains and are considering buying a Tulikivi fireplace. The energy efficiency and heating ability look great. My only concern is how much of a wood burning smell permeates the house. I do not like the odor in a house with a traditional wood burning stove. Does the Tulikivi produce a similar odor?


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No house with a properly designed chimney should EVER smell of woodsmoke!

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A Tulikivi and most other masonry heaters have closed combustion where you put in your wood in and it is fired at full air behind a sealed door until it is gone. Then a damper is closed to keep the heat in.

It sounds like you might be used to the really old traditional wood stoves which could backpuff or smolder which make the house smell smoky. Any new EPA compliant stove will not put any smoke in the house either unless you have a bad draft, plugged chimney, or negative pressure situation like in some basements.

If you're in Colorado also check out Biofire from Salt Lake City. They have some very nice masonry heater designs.

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It's important to note that many woodstoves can struggle and "back puff" because today's homes are so "tight" that adequate "draw" of fresh air is difficult. We experienced that with our stove initially. We cracked a window and the subsequent "draw" eliminated the backpuff immediately.

Interestingly, we experience "backpuffing" when the temperature is hovering around 32 degrees and there is low pressure front directly over us.

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