Novalis vinyl planks over concrete

amandagreyMarch 19, 2011

I will be installing novalis vinyl planks in my kitchen and hallway. Right now, I have a large vinyl sheet for flooring with adhesive on the concrete floor. I would like to know if someone has put down this floor before over concrete. My question is mainly do I need to remove all the adhesive before putting the planks down? I will be using a self-stick tile primer to help the planks adhere.

I've just heard some people talking about sealing concrete and floor levelers. The concrete doesn't have a moisture problem, btw.

I appreciate anyone's help or advice!!!

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We just installed over concrete and old vinyl floor. All floors must be clean and dry, We used Henry's primer and the floor went down easily. I had cleaned the concrete with Mr Clean too.

It looks great and I love it!

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I just went through the exact same issue. I pulled up my sheet vinyl and there was this white stuff they'd spread under it. It wasn't sticky or bumpy, but my husband said it was the adhesive. The Novalis box and website says the floor must be free of anything so I took it up.

I used hot water, a scraper and a scrub brush and got most of it up. The operative word is most, I was only doing my 30 sq foot entryway and it took days. You can rent a machine for larger spaces. I'd seen some posts online that said not to use adhesive remover because it may soak into the concrete and cause problems with the new floor sticking.

I used the Henry's, which by the way is very thin, goes on white and dries clear within an hour.

It has been one week and my planks are sticking just fine and the floor looks great. I think it makes sense to do the most and best prep work you can.

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