Best Price On Ekornes Furniture

KenwhitmanJune 5, 2005

Has anyone found a dealer sho is willing to negotiate on price--particularly for a large order?

Love the Stressless Pegasus grouping. However, the local dealer is running a sale at "$200.00" off, what I suppose is retail.

Thank you!

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Have you tried negotiating with dealers? My experience in buying furniture is that it is always negotiable. But maybe I've just been lucky.

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You can't. Ekornes sets their retail prices. Any dealer that gets caught going below can lose the line.

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I had good luck with a north carolina furniture store called Stevens Furniture. They discount their floor models after a certain time period and also no not charge sales tax and offer free shipping

Here is a link that might be useful: Stevens Furniture

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CitySlicker is correct about the manufacturer setting minimum prices.

We recently purchased two sofas and a recliner and tried to find the best deal. We found a wide range of prices among stores for the same pieces in the same leather. Ekornes has a small book with product numbers and prices which stores use for writing up orders. The furniture store we purchased from let us look at it - it isn't top secret or anything. You simply look at the manufacturer's minimum price and then shop around for the closest price. We were able to buy our furniture for the minimum price.

It looks like you live in Ft. Lauderdale - I'm guessing that's your zip code? I live in PA, but have a condo in Florida and did some searching in Clearwater while I was visiting just to compare prices. There is a store called Leather Express, and earlier this year they opened a new building to hold just Ekornes furniture. It was a beautiful showroom, and their prices were about as low as you can get. We actually considered purchasing from them, but our store at home had the same prices, so we decided to do it locally.

One other thing, I don't know how often Ekornes has sales, but we ordered our stuff during a sale in November/early December and received over $1000 in free merchandise - a matching leather ottoman, side table, and swing table for the recliner.

The furniture is beautiful and so comfortable. We love it! Well worth every penny.


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In black paloma leather Arion collection, 3 hi-back recliners, 3 ottomons (2 square, one triangular), 2 end tables. The whole ensemble makes a sort of home-theater semi-circle. Located in Houston. Send me an email to discuss.

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what is the cheapest price for an ekornes

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