Cleaning Russian Fireplace

farmerjdDecember 17, 2008

I have a Russian/Finish/Masonry fireplace. It was in the house when I bought it. They are supposed to stay clean but when I looked in the cleanout there is an inch of fluffy soot all around the interior. I suspect this is insulating the brick from the heat as it does not work well. It only has one cleanout in the back of the top horizontal run (run goes to right and left from the cleanout).

How do I clean out the other runs and everything else?

Also the damper seems to be partially blocked as I can only turn the knob from about the 11 oclock to 1 oclock positions. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Bonus question: Any ideas about adding an oven?

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You should be able to fit a dryer vent cleaning brush around some of the corners of the flues if you want to DIY it.

How are you operating it? That fireplace wants to run flat out on dry wood so that it doesn't have a chance to burn at temps which might produce creosote with 1 to two fires per day. With regard to the damper, you will probably need to find the heater mason that built it. It may be OK as is.
I doubt you could retrofit an oven on it without a lot of cost and headache.

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