Vent free gas logs needed for masenary fireplace.

mikensxDecember 20, 2010

I have a wood burning fireplace with a weak draft. We don't burn it with wood any more because it can be smokey with a big fire. I want to put gas logs in it but don't think that vented logs are a good idea because the weak draft may allow more fumes in the room, so I'm thinking ventless would be safer and can be used with the flue open or closed.

I want the best aesthetic looking set. I don't need a heater, but the heat will be nice too, but I'm going mostly for looks. I also have a small fireplace, so I'm looking at an 18 inch set.

Most local dealers use the Empire White Mountain Hearth brand. I'm also aware of Peterson. YouTUBE videos seem to show that the flame looks similar.

I've come across the Monessen brand and have seen videos for the Triple Play Burner charred Timber set. The flames look a bit more realistic with more glowing embers and logs. I don't know anything about the brands, and my local dealers are not too helpful. Has anyone had experience with Monessen?

Monessen use fiber logs, the other two brands give you a choice. Which are better? refractory or fiber?

Hope there are some experts out there.. or owners.



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A vent-free gas logs system is generally not a good idea and is actually disallowed in the building codes in many municipalities. It can cause a depletion of oxygen and a build-up of fumes. So the indoor air quality and your health and safety will be adversely affected. If your fireplace cannot produce a satisfactory updraft when you burn wood, that suggests that it was not properly designed. Since your primary interest is in appearance, not heat, perhaps you should consider an electric insert. That would get around the safety and health risk associated with gas ventless systems. See Consumer Reports for a 2-3 page information about gas fireplaces.

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