Lane 'Eric' sectional?

brian2kJune 27, 2012

My wife and I were looking to purchase a mid range priced sectional and came across this one in our local furniture store. It was covered in there "endurance" leather upholstery and was soooo comfortable. We have compared warranties to other manufacturers and Lane seemed to be a pretty good warranty. Lifetime on the recliners and mechanisms, five year on seat cushions which I thought was pretty good and one year on upholstery. This sectional had a price tag of $2700. The frame is kiln dried hardwood and all joints are blocked. Does anyone have any information good or bad about this sectional? Keep in mind that all furniture manufacturers have different grades of quality like lazy boy for instance has good, better and best well, so does Lane and this is supposed to be their top line. We have sat on probably one hundred reclining sectionals and this one was by far the most comfortable. Thanks in advance for responses.

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You should read the fine print in their warranty and not what the sales person is telling you.
The black metal patented parts of Lane RECLINING MECHANISMS and SLEEPER MECHANISMS carry a 7 year limited Parts warranty from the original date of sale, which is the expected lifetime of the furniture under normal household use. Foam Seat Cores, Motors, Heater units, Massage units, Wiring, Hand wands and all other electrical components, tray tables, drop-down tables and all other miscellaneous components are warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship for ONE year from date of sale.

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What they have done is added almost like a insurance to the normal warranty, thus extending it, in other words is basically the same mechanism but the retail price is higher to cover their at risks for a higher claim rates. Calling this their "First Class Warranty". Now the cushion foam cores are a higher density, but what you might think as a seat or back cushion thats lost its support, Lane would claim you have used the cushion beyond its normal 5 year life expectancy.

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Yeah your absolutely right, I read it then called the store owner to inform him what story the sales woman is giving his customers about the warranty. All that aside do you feel Lane is a decent quality furniture maker? If not could you recommend one? Thanks for help

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Brian2k, I wish I could make it that easy for everyone. Lane is build in Mississippi and China. Not normally the manufacturing areas for high quality upholstery. Not to say all their furniture is not the best. For motion furniture it all comes down to the mechanism. More so if its covered in a good leather, as the leather can outlast the mechanism. Leggett and Platt probably makes about the best motion mechanisms, but they are also sourcing from importing/ China. Their are many different ways and methods of producing steel. And your cant tell my looking at it. Chinese can copy something and it look exactly the same, the only difference is the quality and/or engineering behind this.
Contact the manufacturer, Lane in this case and give them the specific model and code for the sectional. Ask them where they are sourcing the mechanism for this exact model and if its imported. You want to get this information in email from the plant manager, because he is about the only one in the company that can guarantee the information is correct.
Its a bit of work, but your spending about $3000.00 and the store and manufacturer should go the extra bit in providing you with this information.
I hope this helps.

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Thanks for taking the time to review and respond to this post. It's like a mid life crisis trying to find a decent sectional without dropping 6k or 7k

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Brian, my brother was just told by a sales person that everything had a 5 year warranty and he was really ticked when I pulled up the warranty online while we were on the phone.

I have a 10 year old Lane leather sectional that has been great. It is all leather and was custom ordered for about $4K 10 years ago, so the pricing you are seeing is probably not out of line. I fell asleep on it the first night we had it, and that wasn't the last time. Hope you have found something you are happy with or are at least closing in on it.

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