excruciatingly squeaky floorboard in my new construction...

srg215March 29, 2011

we have a VERY squeaky floorboard at the top of the stairs in our house. it's been there since the house was built 9 months ago and the builder said there's nothing he can do about it. he said there's no joist under that area to screw into. what can we do? it drives me up a wall. it's so loud and it's in a spot where everyone walks all the time!

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What do you mean by " floor board "? Hardwood flooring? Why would you screw into a joist?
Most squeaks are caused by a poorly nailed subfloor
If it is hardwood flooring you may be able to shim, screw or glue from underneath. Remove a bit of drywall from below and see whats going on. Perhaps a trim screw ( very small head ) through the offending board and into the subfloor may work.

We just need a little more info.

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yes, it's hardwood. i've seen this thing called the "squeak no more" but it only works if you have a joist below the squeaky board. other issue is that we have a stair runner that goes up the stairs and down the hallway and covers the squeaky area.

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A squeak is usually the sub floor and not the hardwood. If you are sure it is the hardwood flooring and you have a runner then that is in your favor. A 2" trim screw will go through the nap in the runner, into the hardwood and subfloor. Drill a small pilot hole through the hardwood first so you don't split the hardwood. Make sure to drive the screw in just enough to get rid of squeak and not all the way through the hardwood. If you ever remove the runner you will have some small holes to putty. No big deal.

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i don't know...it could be the subfloor. i was just saying that it squeaks when you step on a particular area of the hardwood floor.

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I had that problem in my master bedroom. The whole floor squeaked horribly. I made the contractor cut the old subfloor out and glue and screw a new subfloor. Now its solid as a rock and quiet.

They're saying it can't be fixed because they don't want to do the work. Demand they fix it. Its not your responsibility to figure it out.

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If it is the hardwood just do as I said above. If it is the subfloor it means a subfloor nail is going up and down in a joist causing the squeak. Do as above but you have to find the joist to screw into. The Contractor is just flat wrong. If there is a squeak and it is the subfloor, there is a joist.

Or go from underneath and glue and shim. Thats what I would do. Thats what the Contractor should do. Its an easy fix for a Contractor; a little drywall patching. To say there is nothing he can do is his way of saying he doesn't want to be bothered. Bother him!

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If it's a prefinished floor and you have some or access to more, it is no big deal to take some out and get to the crux of the problem.
Should it be custom finished a good flooring company can do the same but more skill is required. Either way a pro can deal with it.
My guess is the contractor installed it and does not know what to do and is afraid (because it's out of pocket) to hire someone who can fix it.

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