Time Warner Cable

xminionSeptember 9, 2013

On the subject of Time Warner Cable......

A mysterious monthly charge showed up on the bill. When I called they said it was a modem service charge. What? I've had this modem for 4 years - w/o any service or modem service charge.

Customer service said they sent mail notification they were going to charge everyone with a modem this new charge. Yet, I receive everything in the mail I'm supposed to - but never got their notification.

Coincidently (or not) this new charge appeared after I made a call to TWC inquiring about router options. I did not authorize any router.

The first customer service agent said she'd reverse the charge, but wasn't authorized to do so. So, she transferred the call to a supervisor who insisted that the 'modem service charge' was something everyone is getting charged for and the fee cannot be reversed.

Anybody have any experience with TWC?

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Not TWC - I live in Canada. But we have had to pay monthly for our modem ever since we received it several years ago. It can be bought outright - no doubt that will be the next thing forced on us. Currently we rent it - so if there is a problem it is replaced (much like a rental hot water heater) unless it can be repaired. If there is an issue with our cable though we absolutely cannot have ANYTHING plugged into the modem such as a VCR etc. or we would incur a major service charge. We are always being hit with increases/new charges - yet never receive anything telling us so - of course they always say we did.

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I don't have TW but when we got our first modem, we opted to buy one instead of renting. I don't like monthly payments on things like that, you end up paying more than it cost in the long run.

I would be a little unhappy to have them start charging when there was no charge before. I would be buying one outright or finding a different server.

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The easiest solution is to buy your own modem instead of renting one from them.

Latest and greatest version (Docsis 3.0) - $70

One generation old but still functional (Docsis 2.0) - Maybe $50

Either of the above used instead of new - less.

If the current device is an integrated modem and router - add $35 for a basic router.

Check with Time Warner which models of which brands are compatible with their system. You'll find that most models of well-known brands will be suitable. .

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You can buy used modems and boxes and even remotes on Ebay. Make sure the seller checks to make sure they work. You could also return it for a refund. My DH has several "extra"' TV satellite boxes and remotes.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I'm paying $ 4.99/mo for the modem. We've probably paid for a couple purchased modems by now. TW says on their site (under the internet tab) there is a list of appropriate modems that can be purchased. Users just have to return the one being rented from TW.

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I was told they don't support all modems and they gave me a list of the ones they supported.

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