Quartz dining table

richardtbJune 11, 2013

I would like to get a dining table with a quartz countertop.

Our architect for our remodel suggested that we buy a sturdy base that is designed for stone counters. The contractor's stone fabricator would then build a wood sub base attached to the base we purchase that will receive the quartz counter top.

Has anyone done here done this? Any suggestions on which table to use as a sturdy base?

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I did a custom stone topped table for my kitchen. It sits on a plywood subtop, using a 2cm slab. I had a table base customized by a metal craftsman, using very strong tubular steel. We followed the basic overhang and span directions from the MIA -- no spans greater than 24 inches and no overhangs greater than 8 to 10". I found great advice in the archives here and on the woodworker's forum. I chose metal because I needed a pedestal style base. Even then, I fretted over the necessary dimensions and posted a picture to validate it with some of the experts here (like a doctor's second opinion).

Quartz can be even heavier than natural stone, so you need to ensure that your wood sub-base is adequately supported. A 2 cm slab of natural stone can weigh like 13 to 15 pounds per square foot, and it won't tolerate a whole lot of sag without eventually cracking. Even a plywood subtop will be inadequate to span the full width of a dining table without some cross-supports underneath.

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If you happen to live in Houston, Tx, I would like to know the name of the metal craftsman you used.

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I actually used a firm on Etsy, which custom modified an existing design. Sorry for the delayed reply. Here's a photo:

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Very impressive!

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