Who makes Target and Walmart furniture?

amyklJune 13, 2010

Today, we bought the "Avigton" side table to use as a nightstand (we have young children and wanted something we would use only for a few years) and we're happily surprised at the quality. Clearly its not high-end stuff, but it doesn't look like it cost $80. Who makes this?

Also, I read that Sauder makes the "Canopy" line for Walmart -- is that true? We have a Sauder TV stand from about 2002 that is cheap MDF. Is the Canopy line better or is it also mostly MDF?

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"Who makes Target and Walmart furniture?"

Whatever Chinese factory is willing to work for the lowest price...

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luann beat me to the punch on this one. I was going to say "lowest bidder du jour."

There are some Chinese factories that only make one style of furniture, say chairs, tables, bedroom furniture, etc. They might make for a number of different retailers or "manufacturers" with little to no difference other than possibly color choices or minor variances. Others might make specific style licensed to particular customers. So "Luann's Furniture Barn" might go over, they open their book and ask "Which you want?"

BTW, if you do business with Wal*mart, they will come back every year and ask for a lower price from you. It's a tiger by the tail. For kicks, read "The Wal*Mart Effect."

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Does anyone wonder why the jobless rate is so high in the U.S.? Politicos of both parties have been selling us out for years. And they get very rich doing it. It's called the Agency problem.

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No... the consumers who insist on buying the cheap imports are who sold the USA out.

Politicians didn't... at least regarding furniture!

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Come on. Not all furniture made in China is of bad quality, they have quality control over there. You know you can't buy such cheap furniture if its made in the US

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