What are Potted Shrimps?

bbstxFebruary 13, 2012

I recently read about a literary blog that gave a book reviewer the award for "Best Hatchet Job" of the year. The prize was a year's supply of potted shrimps (sic). Is it like potted meat (YUK)?

I found a recipe for potted shrimp. It looked quite elegant. I can't resolve the recipe with the insult/joke of the prize. What am I missing?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hatchet Job Award article

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the prize is not an insult.....the review is an insult...potted shrimp is delicious.
This is a Brit doing the review....he received a tongue (not pickled) in cheek award for writing a scathing review of a book.
Potted shrimp is lovely...it's a British dish of chopped cooked and spiced shrimp packed into a crock with lots of butter and herbs and served on toast for cocktails.

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So, they are not the crustacean equivalent of potted meat? Lindac, your description matches the recipe on the Fine Cooking website. Sounds divine! May have to give it a try sometime, maybe while watching Downton Abbey!

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To make potted shrimps, firstly get hold of those really small brown shrimps. De-head and peel. Get a load of salted butter and melt it. Grate in a good dose of nutmeg. Put the shrimps into small ramekins and poor the butter on top. Serve on hot toast. Love the stuff!

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