Refinishing patio table glass

buckeye30June 10, 2012

I have a glass patio table with some kind of film/liner attached to the underside of the glass that enhances the color of the glass. Much of this film has flaked off over time, so I decided to remove this film with a razor and consider my options for refinishing.

However, it's not that easy. The already flaking parts come off easily, but the intact film is almost impossible to scrape off, compounded by the fact that the underside glass is textured. The first pic shows the whole table glass, while the second shows a spot I tried to scrape away.

What can I do here? The table is in good condition other than this annoying part of it, so I was hoping to have an easy fix here. Suggestions for removal of film and/or refinishing? Thanks.

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I'd check with a reputable glass shop to see if they have anything they can sell you or refer to another product.

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I would just buy new glass.

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Muriatic acid is used to take the silver off the back of mirrors. Don't know if it would work in your situation. Be extremely careful using it and take every precaution recommended.

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Have you tried paint remover?
Linda C

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