What type of music do you like?

nancybee_2010May 26, 2012

I think my favorites are blues and soul. I also like rock. I like some classical music, and I feel like I should like it more, but...

I don't really like the pop music of today, with some exceptions. I like some classic pop and rock, but some of it you hear so much, I don't care if I ever hear it again!

Actually now that I think of it I'd like to improve myself and listen to more classical music!

How about you?

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I gravitate mainly towards rock but it's not the so called 'rock' music they put on the radio. I do pay attention to the lyrics in music and selective to what I listen to. I have my limits. For example, I actually do like the beat to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie's music but I won't own anything by them or make it a point to listen to it because the lyrics are messed up.

I also like a lot of 90s stuff, punk, classical, and celtic.

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Classic rock(mostly 60's and 70's), folk and folk rock, jazz, musicals, Gregorian chant, madrigals, "classical", pretty much anything played by a symphony or string orchestra (my kids have a lot to do with that - one plays viola, one plays cello), choral music, including a lot of sacred music even though I am an atheist.

Not much of anything past the early 80's as far as rock or pop music, except maybe Hootie and the Blowfish. :-) No punk, heavy metal, hip[ hop, rap.

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Oh boy, when it comes to music, I like everything from new age, pop, rock and some heavier metal to country, blue grass and jazz. I also love oldies, classic rock, cajun and soul. I think it really depends on the song and/or the group though and I'm not a huge fan of classical or gospel but can tolerate them if needed.

The only music I just can't tolerate under any circumstances and absolutely hate is Rap. I don't even consider that to be music.

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I've never been one to listen much to music for some reason and I hardly ever know the lyrics. Mostly, I can listen to anything except opera, country, bluegrass, improvisational jazz, headbanger metal, rap and hip hop.

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Mostly 80's and 90's hard rock and alternative. Don't like a lot of new bands. DH and I share common interests. We met at a rock memorabilia convention--really. Our first date was to see KISS and Aerosmith.

Tickets we've had this year or will see soon:

Van Halen
Roger Waters
KISS & Motley Crue
Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper is opening

We also see on a regular basis Rob Zombie and Cheap Trick.

Some of these concerts are great because they are 75% guys, and there are no lines for he ladies room. So, ladies, if you're looking to meet a guy . . . .

He doesn't care for my 80's alternative acts, but I drag him along.

If any of you have Sirius, we listen to Boneyard (better before it became Ozzy's Boneyard), Lithium, and then First Wave for me, and Hair Nation for DH. We also like little Steven's Underground Garage, and an online channel called Rockbar.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like lots of different songs but rarely entire genres.
If I have background music on, it's usually instrumental, like George Winstonish stuff or light opera, Andrea Bocelli.

Rap particularly is non music to me and I hate it. Heavy metal is a close second. But there are some songs by HM artists I do like but that is never so with rap.

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Like a lot of you, I don't like rap but I have to say I can appreciate Kanye West.

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I definitely love hard rock. Gs and I have similar tastes, and a similar line up! I saw Van Halen last month and am going to go to Poison/Def Leppard next month. Considering the KISS/Motley Crue, and may even go see Aerosmith/Cheap Trick again this year. Also thinking of going to see ZZ Top in August.

I love Latin Jazz also. Big fan of Natalie Cole-the way she sings standards is amazing.

Not a big country music fan, especially now that it's so pop/rock/country. Absolutely hate hip-hop & rap. Cannot listen to it at all...nor can I name a single song by any contemporary artist of the last few years (except Lady Gaga or Adele).

I've been known to tune into classical music, and I love the 'mob' music-Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, that ilk.

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I like different music for different situations, I think. I use my iPod to exercise and for that I listen to everything from Madonna to the B-52's to Katy Perry. Anything with a good dance beat, so I'm encouraged to walk quickly! In the car, I mostly listen to satellite radio stations Classic Rewind, New Wave, '80s music, and Coffee House. Within the last year we have seen some of my more recent favorite singers in concert and I'm not sure what category they fall into: Ryan Adams (newest album is just so great), Aimee Mann, Brandi Carlisle, and Lori McKenna. All fantastic shows. I have been a fan of Aimee Mann since the beginning of her career when she played small venues in Boston when I was in college there.

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I was a country music fan before 'country was cool', about 18 years. I like 80's rock also, but don't care for today's rock~~I would consider myself, old school. ;o)

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I echo the list that Les posted! Les, are you familiar with the ensemble, "Chanticleer?" Fabulously talented singers they are! I highly recommend their "Magnificat" and also "Virgin of Guadaloupe." Anything they record is marvelous though.

Nance, listening to or liking classical music will not "improve" you as a person, so just keep listening to what brings you joy! That joy will enhance you as a person (meaning... a happy person will transmit their good feelings to others, how about that?) You like what you like and there's no reason on earth to change that. You don't say, "I should like the color blue more...it will make me a better person."

Speaking of blue, which blues & soul artists do you listen to?

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I like the Ojays, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle. Ray Charles is incomparable! I got to see him in concert once, and it was a great experience. I don't know if you watched American Idol this year, but Josh Ledet was great and I hope he brings back this kind of music.

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I'd say you have impeccable taste in music, Nance! Yay, Ray! I agree, what a master he was!

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Nance, since you play piano, what do you like to play? A stirring rendition of "Georgia on my Mind," & other jazz & blues favorites, perhaps?

I adore blues and jazz piano. Marian McPartland is one of my favorites piano players of that genre. Love her "Benny Carter Songbook" cd.

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gosh, stinky, I hope I didn't make it sound like I was actually a talented pianist! (I guess I did!) I can play, but when I said that I was thinking of things I could do, and I was using the word "talent" kind of broadly. How embarrassing! It's more like a very minor skill!

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No matter, Nance...you can still play the music you love for fun! You've gotta check out Marian's cd if you haven't heard it...I really think you'd like it!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Stinky, love Marian! Thanks for sharing!

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I DO like lots of music!

YOU sound like my Female/Musical twin!!!

Blood (KISS!!), Cannons, Pyro, Explosions, Fire, massive light trusses, etc.....THAT makes good music!!!...;-)

My top-5 BANDS would have to be:
1) AC/DC
1a) KISS!!!
2) Van-Halen (just saw them in St. Paul last Saturday w/ DW!!)
3) Aerosmith
4) The "Crue"!
5) Led-Zepplin

I DID love Disco, some R&B, Funk, 80's Hair-bands, and all that good stuff!!
XM DOES rule!!! I'm loving their 2 wk. free trial now...


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StinkyG, thanks for reminding me about Chanticleer. I had heard of them years back, but now because of this I am off to add some of their recordings to my iTunes library!

I second what you said to Nancybee. Nancy, listen to what you love. BUT, maybe think about trying some of the most familiar and loved classics, played by a great orchestra. It isn't about improving you, but it is about perhaps finding new music to love!

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les, I like the idea of finding new music to love.

I think familiarity has something to do with it. I do like those that are heard often.

When I was in grade school, we did a play with the music of the Peer Gynt suite, and learned all about it- and I love that music!

So it's probably not good to hear something once and just reject it.

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LOL, Faron!

So, what do you (and pesky) think about V-H canceling the second half of their tour? We just saw them about a month ago, and they were very good. Eddie's playing was great, the best we've seen in a long time. DH bought the Esquire magazine interview where Eddie mentioned he's had some scares regarding recurrences of his cancer, so we are bit concerned it is that vs. just general not getting along. Although, if they could find someone in their family who could sing, they'd totally dispose of DLR.

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Does anyone here listen to Pandora? I love how you can arrange for music that is similar to a favorite artist.

One of my newer favorites is One Eskimo and I found several other groups that play similar music with Pandora.

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re: VH...at the concert I was at, DLR kept forgetting the words and EVH was getting pretty PO'd. I said to my seatmates that I was glad I saw them now as I doubted they'd finish the tour at this rate.

If they do do the second half, I will go see them again when they come to Portland, but I'm not holding my breath!

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Interesting, Pesky. We saw them end of April here, BUT I think they had a few days off before our show.

We are debating to see them when we are OOT soon on a date that is not canceled yet.

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