Stick on Tiles ontop of vinyl sheet floor?

avadooneMarch 21, 2011

Old bathroom in an old carriage house. I asked my landlord if I could lay down vinyl self stick tiles if I so choosed.

Currently the bathroom floor is a piece of sheet vinyl with a tile print on it. Underneath the sheet vinyl is planks of wood about three inches thick. They are very uneven. There are places where the vinyl is punctured and it is peeling around the toilet.

My questions are:

Will it stick?

What size tile should I get?

The room is about 45 sq ft. I would like to also minimize the fact that the walls are not exactly squared. I would assume this would best be solved with a smaller 6x6 tile. What do y'all think?

Any other tips?


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In short, no. Don't waste your time or money.

Flooring can't be any better than what is under it, and you have an uneven sub floor and (I suspect from the peeling around the toilet) some long-standing leaks.

If you add self-stick tile to the top, you just add to the mess that is there.

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If you apply self stick tiles, the same irregularities you see now from the floor beneath will show through. It still might be worth it in a short-term rental.

In the same situation--my first apartment--I cut to size a washable carpeting for the bathroom.

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