Cost to install wood burning fireplace

oshka75December 27, 2006


I live in South Jersey. My husband and I would like to install a wood burning fireplace in our den. we do not have an existing chimney. Any clue what it might cost to install a wood burning fireplace if there is not an existing chimney? I know the rates vary by geographic location. Also, for anyone who has a flat screen TV hanging over your fireplace....has this been a problem? Does the TV get damaged from the heat? Thanks for your time.

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I live about an hour west of you. For me to get an insert and liner installed it was about $2500 for the insert, $500 for the liner and $00 install... if i remember right...

I had stone work done on the face of my fireplace which was a lot more.

I hang a wreath on the stonework. The wreath does not get hot, I dont even know if I would say it gets warm. But I do have a flush wood insert and it has a blower so the air is pushed out. Hanging a tv on top of mine I dont think would be a problem. I decent fireplace dealer would be able to assist. My dealer would be a pretty long ways away from you guys, probably wouldnt do it. They were alright.

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1100 for the liner, 500 for the install, 2600 for the stove, legs and blower.
We installed during new construction so the installer got a deal. He said existing home installs run the same.
We really got killed on the pipe but if the super special pipe prevents a fire then it was worth it.

I wouldn't hang a tv over any heating appliance, even an insert. Those flat panels throw enough heat as it is.

Good luck

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It can get pretty expensive, however, the cost can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the following. The required height of the chimney - the chimney must rise a certain number of feet above the roofline (depends on local code) so a two story home requires a taller chimney and accordingly a greater cost. Your foundation - typically a new fireplace requires it's own foundation to support the weight of the firebox and chimney. The cost of this can vary depending on the construction of your home and the soil conditions. Type of fireplace - A full masonry chimney can get very expensive. there are some alternatives like Isokern which is made of volcanic rock which is light so it may not require a new foundation and also uses a metal chimney pipe instead of a masonry chimney. The only way to realy find out is to have someone come out and give you a price. You can find someone through a local fireplace/stove store.

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oshka75, when I built my new house 10 years ago, I paid $7000 for a masonry fireplace with a brick chimney. I have a three story house, with a 35'(aprox) chimney.

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Not sure of your foundation set up but a Isokern fire-lite may work. See if you have SOLID 2/10 trusses under your floor. If you have new style Engineered I beam trusses I would check with builder of your house to see if existing trusses can support the weight before going any further.
The 36"model weighs 1000lbs but doesn't include weight of Cinderblocks(280) FaceBrick or Stone or Tile (300-500)
Plus weight of FireBrick Lining(200)inside unit. Your floor must support all these and metal chimney (generally must be 3 ft above roof height by Code). The weight coould exceed 3500 lbs.

Cost in Virginia for unit was $2500 + Mandatory Flue attachment $1000 + Chimney pipe (EPA Approved double Pipe) ~$200 per foot. + $1000 mandatory Isokern dealer Install.
This does not include transportation, tax or building a chase for the chimney pipe in your home.

This is far cheaper than a Solid Masonary unit..which with Foundation,Mason,Materials and in NY-NJ-CT area could be anywhere from 10k-30K~

Good Luck; you mall also want to check the Firerock site, they are made in Georgia, USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Isokern

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Look, if you want a nice warm wood fire device in the den, or even a fireplace, install a "prefab" with a metal chimney. The cost will depend a lot on the cost of the "device", run from $500 to a LOT more. The installation of the pipe and hearth (may be a simple fire-proof floor cover) will involve code, construction and aesthetic cost drivers, but for a one frame construction home that could be as low as $1,500 total I'd guess.

I installed a "zero clearance" fireplace in a home about 30 years ago (it was a Sears unit, something like a "heat-o-lator", I think was the name of a popular brand). It had a fireplace look, but only a two wall metal chimney, only mason work was the slate hearth. I think the whole thing including the surround bookcase and lighting (about a 12 foot wall's worth) cost me under $500. In todays dollars that would bee more like $2,500. That's with me doing all the work myself. Add another $1,000 for labor, that's my quick "shoot from the hip" guess.

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See: Best wood fire insert.... just came back today, an old thread with a lot of information.

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was 3.00 per boxs now 2.00 per boxs

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