Do Not Ever Buy Furniture From Knight Galleries in Lenoir NC

titanmomJune 9, 2009

If you are searching to buy furniture from NC at a discounted price - whatever you do, do not buy from Knight Furniture Galleries (the owner's name is Kirk).

He seemed legit at first. When I was searching for Bassett Furniture, he was one of the first dealers to contact me from the NC furniture database. I even went to Better Business Bureau and couldn't find anything negative (turns out there are several complaints with open files, so they won't show up until the file is closed according to the NC BBB. We put a deposit down and never got a receipt as promised. Never got the furniture, 4 bedrooms and a couple of sofas! Instead of going into more boring detail, I just wanted to get the word out in case anyone did a search on Knight Galleries - he is a crook!

Hopefully we will get our refund back (via credit card) and we'll do business with another dealer in NC - only this time I will be even more careful!!!

If it's anything I hate, it's a liar! Hopefully if anyone is thinking about purchasing from him (because his prices are so tempting), I hope they see this post first!

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I'm glad to hear you used a credit card for your deposit. It's the only protection you have against some of these businesses. Although I'm not familiar with the place you mentioned, I have done a lot of buying from Boyles over the last few years. They were great to deal with and beat every other place I checked for price. If you find something cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price. Their shipping charges were very reasonable when I lived out of state, too. I'm now in NC and still buy from them and couldn't be happier with the service I've received from them. I've also dealt with Hickory Park Furniture Galleries in Hickory, NC. They are part of the Hickory Furniture Mart and I know they carry Bassett. I received great customer service from them and also very expedient shipping, arrived a month earlier than promised. Good luck with your future purchses!

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I don't share the feelings of titanmom. I purchased a Century bedroom set from Knight Furniture and recieved nothing short of great service. I found the two people I dealt with Jeffery and Terry to be wonderful they are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and pleasant, it was overall a very satisfying experience. Perhaps the items ordered by titanmom were back ordered, that's not within Knight Furnitures' control they can only get it as fast as the manufacturer can complete the order. One of my peices were back ordered and Knight kept me advised every step of the way they made every effort to get it to me as quickly as possibe once the piece came in that's all anyone can do. In the case of the contract I recieved two copies immediately by email, one confirming the order and the other with the breakdown of the items and amount charged. I can only imagine that somehow there must have been a breakdown in communication. I am sorry for titanmom experience however it is very different than mine, I had awesome service and recieved a beautiful bedroom set, I'm very happy. I am going to soon make another purchase with them and have already recieved very professional, knowledgeable service with timely feedback. In addition to GREAT service, their prices can't be beat!

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We got royally scammed by back in 2004. Luckily, my credit card bailed me out.

We did not give up and ended up buying many pieces from Knight in 2004-08. Probably around 12K in total. Initally, there was a Duane Knight. The last 2 shipments were handled by a Kirk. Not sure if Mr. Knight sold the business.

Anyway, bottom line, I recommended Knight (again) to a friend a couple of days ago who had just bought a new house and he alerted me of this post. I have only wonderful things to say about this company. Prices were excellent and everything delivered as promised.

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I'm Duane Knight. I started Knight Galleries on 3-5-85 and ran a very successful business until I sold it on 1-21-06 to KIRK MELTON. I have nothing to do with Knight Galleries, I can only assume that it no loner exists. Over the last 4 1/2 years I have receive many phone calls to my home concering furniture that was purchased from Knight Galleries. The phone numbers that were in existance have been disconnected.

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I have ordered from this company when Duane owned it and I always worked with him. It was amazing service. I was actually looking him up to order more when I discovered this review. Now that I know Duane no longer owns it and there are bad reviews out there on this company I plan to look else where. Thanks for the heads up!

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