Best Software for doing one's Income Tax?

ShirleySeptember 19, 2003

Any suggestions, thoughts? I'd like something that is reasonably intuitive, easy to understand, etc. Oh yes, and something that doesn't cost a lot! ;o)



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Hi Shirley,

My mother runs a very small tax preparing business and we are her computer support people...grrrrrrr


The calculations appear to be correct and it's cheap, but unless you have a relatively new printer you'll have problems printing your returns (which is the whole point, right?) Actually, this year for the first time, the whole tax return dumps into an Acrobat format, but there were still printing issues, i.e. hieroglyphics, garbage on every page, no lines printed on the return (none of which the IRS will accept).

In addition, if your pc should happen to crash (which hers did...argh) you'll have to buy another copy just to install it again on ANY hard drive, whether reformatted or brand get one install per box and that's it, doesn't matter whether it's the same pc or not.

Their support offered no help on the printing issue and they wrote the software for the single install issue, so they don't empathize with your problems.

"We" all survived, but she's changing to a different software this year.

*catching her breathe and quietly slinking away* lol

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We've used Tax Cut for the last couple of years without problems (at least none that we or the IRS know of).

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MsLadyByte, I've heard of TurboTax, and thought it was one of the better packages...but your comments are certainly scarey, and it sounds as though you know your bytes from your bits, so I'll follow your suggestion and steer clear. Thanks!

Meghane, your experience with Tax Cut sounds promising, and I'll look into it, thank you.


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