small sweing rocker information

nmassJune 11, 2009

I know that someone had something similar on here previous but I think I need some diferent information on mine. My rocker was purchased in massachusetts at auction. It is a dark wood, possibly a stain, there is some faint designs that look like faded paint or stain in several places, it is very intricatly carved and is upholstered in a brown/gold two tone fabric with a flower pattern and very old (but mostly intacked) stiching. It folds up in a very unique and easy way. The hinges look like heart and it is a design I have never seen before with a rather thick dark metal. The screws through the hinges have much larger heads then any screw I know and look to be a kind not made anymore. The bottom of the deat has large weaved cloth like material, I've seen weave bottom chairs but never with this size and style of weave, each piece is probably 5 inches wide and it is a very old looking material. There is a small green faded pabel under the seat in the front. it is faded so I had to use a flash light and magnifying glass but I got a number, as though it was a limited edition, no. 86, I believe and then it says "patent October 11th (either) 1873 or 1878 I am not sure because of the fading. I would be very interested in knowing any information anyone has on this age and style of sewing/nursery rocker. Or information on where I can find information, I have been searching the internet with very little luck. (which lead me to this site through someone elses post on a similar chair that turned out to be a reproduction.) It seems to be victorian and it was purchased at an auction that was predominantly victorian era house hold goods. (for only $10) I am planning on keeping it, as I adore it. But I would be interested to know its approximate value so that I will know how careful I should be with it.

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You might try posting this on the Antiques and Collectibles" forum. There are some very knowledgeable people over there. They well probably ask you to post a picture so you might be prepared for that.

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A picture would help....
But it sounds like a folding carpet rocker.
Theyw ere upholstered with strips of carpet like material and folded when not in use. They have also been called "covered wagon rockers".
But yours may not be that sort of folding rocker...
Post a picture.
Linda C

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