Old timer wood stove

rick2752December 20, 2005

I havent really researched the quadrafires but have a few questions. I have looked at like the fireplace extraordinaire. They told me they have a 10hr burn time. I currently have an Old Timer woodstove that works great. I get a good 8 to 10 hr burn out of it. What are the benefits of the newer stoves? The reason Im asking is I was given the Old Timer and it is to small for my house. It does an O.K. job assisting the propane furnace. Thanks in advance.


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I think the main benefits are they're more efficient and produce less pollution. In some areas where there's a lot of particulate pollution, the authorities have tried to discourage wood stove use. But the newer wood stoves don't run afoul of the clean-air laws.

I'm no expert, tho, so take the above FWIW.

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Can I reduce vent pipe diameter from 8 inches to 6 inches as I penetrate roof?

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Does anyone have any idea about installing a wood burning stove in a fireplace? We have removed the existing fireplace and all the faux rock and hearth so I am down to a four foot by eight foot hole in my wall, back to the chimney box. I have a wood burning to stove to go in the spot once we have it properly prepped. How far up the wall do I install tile? Do I install vapor barrier over the visible insulation? Can I use regular sheet rock to put the tile on or do I need *wonder board* (masonry board)? I have a professional individual to install the stove so that is not the issue...I just need to get the prep work done.

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i have old enterprise 2burner stove the ovel pipe right off stove is not there

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