Are contractor prices reasonable?

Tpns28March 24, 2013

Hi I'm looking to do some tile work at my house, roughly about 1250 square feet of Porcelain tile in an Paladio pattern. I got 3 quotes for labor ranging from $5900-$7700, about $4.72-$6.16/sq foot. About 950 of it is over a concrete slab and the rest needs hardibacker board on the 2nd floor over plywood. Is this reasonable? Is there room to negotiate?

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There is always room to negotiate but you definitely get what you pay for with tilers. Remember, it's expensive to hire a professional but even more expensive to hire an amateur.

Spend a good amount and support quality work and materials.

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Is that labor only? If this price includes materials then it is a great price.
Labor only on laying floor tile on concrete runs about $2.50 a square foot in my area and that price is with good installers.

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This is the price for just labor itself. I narrowed it down to two installers but having a hard time on deciding on the two. One's been in business since 1992 and is licensed and bonded with workers comp the other's been in business since 2005, bonded but no workers comp but he does have people that works with him. I'm leaning towards the guy with workers comp.

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NEVER go with a contractor who doesn't have workman's comp! If he doesn't care enough about the people he employees to pay for their care if they injure themselves on your job, do you really think he will care about your job?

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