best pellet stoves ....?

vieja_gwDecember 26, 2007

Our son has a 'Quadrafire' fireplace insert pellet stove on a thermostat & is happy with it. We want to replace our old antique cast iron wood burning cookstove (the type with a resevoir & warming oven on top) with a cleaner pellet stove (free-standing). We've looked both at 'Quadrafire' & "Whitfield' pellets & wonder if anyone has either of them & how they like them? Or are there other brands that you like better?

Would apprecieate any comments ... thanks!

- vieja

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Be aware that access to experienced repair and maintenance on pellet stoves is essential. You WILL need maintenance to keep them going, and should expect to need repairs from time to time as well.

I'd shop around at local fireplace shops for equipment, and get straight answers about the availability of service as well. You might want to call people who have had service on their pellet stoves recently and ask them if they have been happy.

That's especially important if you are really relying on a stove for heat. If you have to wait weeks for service and parts, or repairman can't fix the problem, you will be an unhappy pellet stove user.

How long has your son had his stove? Has he had maintenance done on it, and if so did he get service on a reasonable basis?

There are a lot of pellet stove users who run the equipment withoput maintenance until it quits. That is not a good practice. It should be cleaned and maintained on an annual basis by a qualified repairman.

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My son has had his Quadrafire for several years & had no trouble. He only uses it (fireplace insert) for a few hours some cold evenings ... it is not the primary source of heat.

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