Argh! Wood filler residue!!!

analysisparalysisMarch 10, 2011

We had our floating cork floor put in yesterday, and the guy who installed it admitted (later in the day) that he had never installed a cork floor (but lots of laminate). He works for a floorer we've used for years, and we know they are a good company...but it made me a tad nervous after he left, when I noticed some residue present here and there on the short seams of the floor - as if something had been spread on the seam (and then rubbed, leaving a bit of residue on either side of the seam). Shortly thereafter, I found a container of Elmer's Wood Filler sitting nearby, and I became reasonably confident (in looking at those few seams) that he had used it to fill a seam or two that did not completely "disappear" when fit together. I've tried a damp cloth. I've tried a damp cloth with a tiny bit of dish soap. I left a note this morning (we had to leave before he came, and got home after he left) asking how to remove that residue - and while he didn't answer on the note, he clearly did not use it again today, as today's flooring (the kitchen) has no residue along the seams.

So - while I do intend to pursue this with my flooring person (may have to do so by phone after the fact, as we won't see him tomorrow either!), I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to get this off? I suspect this particular individual doesn't know how, or he would have either left me instructions, or just removed the residue himself. Ugh. The seams are in a great room, which is 40' long and mostly southern windows - i.e. LOTS of light, which will highlight the imperfections. Help?


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Not a problem, a damp terry cloth will help you get into the pores and clean it up.

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