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eldemilaDecember 2, 2009

We currently have a contract on this home, hopefully this one will go through (3rd one)

I've never had a fireplace, not much need in SOFLA for one, so I'm not very familiar with them at all.

Just wondering what could be suggested to make this one look nicer. I looked on one website for a mantel, was suprised how expensive they were - is it some type of special wood, or am I missing something here? I like the brick, I just think the mantel above it is blah. What else can you put up there? Any suggestions???

It seems this was originally a wood fireplace which is now a gas fireplace. Any words of advice when I try to figure out how to get it fired up the first time?


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Wow, great fireplace! I love brick fireplaces, but you're right...the mantle is okay, but could be a little chunkier. Until you find something you like better, this one looks good with the bricks :)

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Hello! Beautiful brick! Call the realtor or previous homeowners to get instructions on how to fire that baby up.
As far as the mantle-I would get rid of those dinky corbels underneath and put some substantial ones under there. These look too small for that mantle.That would dress it up a bit. A local cabinet guy should be able to get you ones that fit your style. Good luck!


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What you have there appears to be gas logs. There should be a tag on them somewhere with the manufacturers info. Then Google them as most manufacturers have online manuals for them.. good luck..

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Thanks Pamelak, I'll see what I can find. I have to get some ideas on what's available out there as I have no clue. I was able to get my home inspector to show me what to do to figure it up. I don't think we'll use it all that often, but it's nice to have in case of emergencies.

fyreplaceguy-you are correct, they are gas logs. There's a tag of some type on there, but honestly, I haven't even looked to see what it says. I haven't really gone in that room, no furniture and concentrating on other aspects of the house, and cleaning it. I'll definitely look on Google for a manual of some kind - good to have, and at least this half of the equation reads manuals, the other half does not ;)


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First, the safety concern: Is the fireplace vented? Some gas log systems are ventless. Those are a safety hazard and are disallowed by building codes in many communities, especially if located in sleeping rooms because if they do not vent there could be a build up of toxic fumes in the room that could kill. So make sure you have a damper that could open up at least a little bit.

Now for the looks of the thing. Of course, it's all a matter of personal taste. Here's mine, which you can take or leave as you see fit: The brick is beautiful. It's classic and goes with everything. But the mantle shelf is clunky and looks out of place or at least out of style, the kind of thing that was in wide use in the 1970s and 80s. (By the way, it's a mantle SHELF. A mantle is the thing that goes around the firebox. You do not have one, and I do not think you need one, especially because you have a raised hearth.) I would get rid of the mantle shelf and hang something on the brick wall like a hand woven rug or blanket with the Southwestern theme, or a Merrimekko-style thing with bold primary colors, or maybe a nice patchwork quilt.

If you feel the need for a mantle shelf because you want to display favorite things on it, consider getting a shelf made of cast iron or wood painted a matte finish black. That would blend nicely with the black slate that surrounds your firebox. Also, if you want to "dress up" the firebox, you might consider framing it with molding painted black matte finish. Wood molding is available in many sizes, shapes and styles. I would pick something simple, maybe 6-8 inches wide, and have a trusted, skilled carpenter install it for you. Of course you could to it yourself if you trust you capabilities. Using molding is much less costly than getting a mantle.

Good luck with your project.

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A marble fire surround, can be customised to fit current fireplace

Here is a link that might be useful: Marbletech Fireplaces

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I'd dump or hide the corbels PERIOD and build a mantel with a full facing board (hope that makes sense) can be dressed up with trim wood pieces stacked...doesn't really take a woodworker. This particular mantel extend further at both sides and a bit recessed in the middle...wouldn't need to do that.

maybe something like this but you don't have to do the full width or include the side columns


Here is a link that might be useful:

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the top of the mantel is covered by the snow blanket, but it is substantially thick...stacked and angled in. I can get another pic if needed for ideas.

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As a tech for a gas fireplace distributor, that fireplace looks like it may be a either a wood-burning firebox with a gas logset added, or a B-vent fireplace system. The photo with the screen in place inhibits an accurate view, but it looks like there is soot on the firebox walls. If so, I hope that is a "vented" gas logset, which will produce some soot. A logset should be sized by the door opening wide open, not by the opening in the brickwork. Improper sizing will result in soot buildup on the walls.
If this runs on Propane (LP gas)contact the gas supplier for instructions on use and maintenance.
IF this is a logset VS a Bvent fireplace it will affect the clearances to any surrounds or decorations above the fireplace, so getting the information, MFGR, model, serial off the gas appliance is critical.

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I have no concept of what to do with the actual fireplace unit, but as for the surround, here is a great makeover that might help.

From the Lettered Cottage

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I wish to share this downloadable folder which I gathered from hundreds of resources in my search for a fireplace designs for my new home which am Finishing-Thanks God- Now.
The folder contains more than 300 images of fireplaces(stone, cultured stone,marble,venere and rumford, french designs and more) beside many DIY manuals about fireplace inserts, consctructing fireplaces, maintaning them and wood burning tips. I will be posting more soon and the folder is being updated from time to then I hope it is not forbidden to share rapidshare folders.

Please enjoy the download:
The file is 67 MB and is worth seeing I hope!!

This new folder contains Much more images of Fireplace designs, beside the previous folder is incorporated inside here. Please follow the download link:

I appreciate any input from you, I would love to get more images if you have any to update the two folders.

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I recently did my FP. What I did may or may not be needed. Due to my own issues worrying about fire and drywall and not wanting to ruin the brick(If the future owners preferred it), I attached cement board to the mortar joints from hearth to mantle then I used 12x12 marble tile over that. Mantle to ceiling I used 5 1/4 board(which is 1" ) Which served the purpose of a barrier between the brick and allowed me the luxury to install a shallow junction box w/power and HDMI( for the TV )

Here's some Before and After Pics:

This is my den before sheet rock and FP makeover:

After: Â still in process of making a mantle and matching shelves on either side of FP -



W/Sheet rock

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Nice work Muscle! Looks like night and day. Cute dogs too. Thanks for sharing, def. gives me another idea.

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