repair of a fireplace hearth

cfrothDecember 20, 2007

The hearth in my 60 year old house has sunken below the wood floor by about a half an inch. The hearth is granite, measuring 51 by 16", about one inch thick. I have removed the mortar along the sides but can only maneuver the slab by a quarter of an inch. I cannot, therefore, get under it to lift it up in order to replace cement board or new mortar. The furnace is directly below the fireplace so I cannot get access underneath the slab. Any suggestion on how to lift the granite without tearing out the floor boards?

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I feel for you. This sounds almost like a problem without a solution. I'm not really competent in these matters, but want anyway to toss out some ideas. Have you considered trying to wedge a large iron slab under the granite and gradually hammering it under? You might then be able to lift it? If you cannot do it yourself, can you find a contractor whose promises you can have confidence in? One possible compromise, if you haven't thought of it: Unless you're really attached to the look and feel of the granite, which I can understand, you might consider applying something over it, which could be tile, brick, or whatever.

Good luck.

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