Transunion credit report question

DebbieInMiamiAugust 25, 2006

I requested my free annual credit reports, and Transunion was the only one who didn't provide it via computer. They said I needed to provide additional information and via mail asked me for proof of my address, which I sent. Then they asked for proof of Social Security, I sent that. THEN they asked for proof of Social Security AGAIN! By this time I was quite disturbed, called them and talked with two people. The first was no help. The 2nd asked if I "had another name" I gave them my maiden name, but didn't think about saying my middle name and they didn't ask WHAT type of name (first, last etc.). I just decided to send another form of proof of SS# and low & behold, I have a 3rd request for proof of SS#!

I of course will call on Monday, and this time I will ask for a supervisor. I do understand they are trying to protect identities etc., but I can't even get a straight answer as to what they need or why this is happening!

Any ideas or has anyone gone through this? The other reports were fine and I do not have any signs of fraud with my name else where (that I know of).

Any advice would be appreciated! THANKS

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How frustrating! I'd continue to call them and pursue it. After sending them proof of Social Security once, I'd have stopped. But if they make you send it a 3rd time I'd do it by certified return receipt mail and ask them what happened to the other 2 submissions and who had access to it.

I just requested my free annual credit report online from Transunion & Equifax. With Transunion I had a terrible time filling in the necessary information to verify who I was before getting the actual report.

Good luck in your endeavor.

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