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abcracingDecember 6, 2007

I have a pacific insert in my fireplace. I have insulated around the flue liner with insulation at the fireplace damper.

The air coming from the stove blower is luke warm and only hot right at the blower outlet. Shoudn't it be hotter. I use seasoned hardwood. Upon loading the stove it lasts about 4 hours. Should I insulate around the unit itself? Any advice on running the unit?

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PE's are great stoves!

I have a PE insert also and the air is very hot- in fact I am heating an entire house with it.

Do you have a thermometer monitoring how hot your fire is actually getting? Most folks tend to not let them get hot enough for fear of fires- that PE insert is built to handle it. A cheap (less than $20) thermometer can help you decide how hot to let it get and when to damp it down.

I found a video online that explained really well how to properly build and manage a fire- it is not as straightforward as I thought before I started heating in earnest. You have to let a fire go through it's various cycles in order to maximize the amount of heat you get.

Click the link then click where it says "VIDEO".

Here is a link that might be useful: Fire 101

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