Quality leather recliner sofa Los Angeles

jeslookinJune 4, 2010

I am looking for a good quality leather recliner sofa & chairs, storage coffee table in the Los Angeles area. I've been to Lazy Boy, Thomasville, Ashley and others but I am not happy with either the quality I've seen or the reviews from burned customers.

Need your help. I'm looking for traditional furniture and will spend up to I guess $1500 for the sofa and less for the chairs, etc. Any recommendations? THANKS!


The on line stores looked good but what's in a picture? I'm not sofa savvy but have an eye for design and quality. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Jes,

Eliteleather.com and arizona.com don't have much in the way of motion, but they do make good leather furniture.
And they're both made in ca.

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One of the service managers I work with, who has been in the furniture business for 30 years says that is she was going to buy a leather recliner, she'd first look at Bradington-Young.

I've only seen one piece of it, about a month ago. A guy had a 25 year-old recliner that he loved, but the mechanism broke due to wear and tear. B-Y sent me a new mech (still in stock and fit perfectly) for $30 shipping, and I installed it in about 45 minutes. My customer was so happy to have his baby back.

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I have just purchased 2 Bradington-Young recliners, 4114s
I did not recommend them because Ididn't check out their other offerings, but the recliners are very nice (enough to buy 2 of them!).

Good stuff!

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Thanks everyone for the input. I will follow-up and see. Research is a two-edged sword and feedback really helps, so thanks again!

Anyone else wanna add to this please feel free.


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FWIW, the recliner I repaired was a 4114.

The only thing I don't know is if they meet your price point. But then you have to ask a question, "Do I want to spend X and have it last 4-7 years, or 2X and have it last 30 years?" It's not just a TCO (total cost of ownership) equation -- can you afford it, do your tastes change, will be downsizing or upsizing somewhere in the future, move frequently, and is this a piece to sit in the corner of an infrequently used formal room, or a place to be couch potato on a daily basis?

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Did more research (bradington-young) and am corn-fused. Yeah, I want leather, however, it too is vulnerable to wear, tear, fading, etc., and I'm including the pure aniline leather (top grade) which is not recommended for animals, stains from spills, etc. I will be using the sofa everyday and evening.

SOOO here's the question: To fabric or not to fabric (recliner) sofa? My biggest concern is spill-staining as I have friends who are professional klutzes and drop/spill/break is their middle name...me 2!

This probably sounds nutz but so far all my decisions on my remodeling have been spot-on and so it goes for the sofa & chairs.

Just thought I'd throw this out there and the last thing I wanna do is go on a tangent but that's how things get distilled for me. Thanks everybody for the great feedback so far and by far this site seems to have the best information.

Price is a consideration. Am willing to spend up to $2k for the sofa and about $800 per chair. If you're going to recommend a fabric, a little explanation would help.


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I suggest a microfiber fabric, it cleans better than any other types of fabrics and is quite durable. Even a heavy weight (Krypton) are not that expensive when compared to a good leather.

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Hmmm, I looked at microfiber in the beginning just to get an idea and liked it but chickened out because of the fear of stains, etc. I will follow-up and see. KRYPTON! 2 funny!
Thanks everybody will keep on trekkin'.

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Crypton (tm)

Here is a link that might be useful: web site

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I will eliminate fabric from my search...I spilled juices/fat from a roast chicken onto the present fabric sofa and realized I won't be buying any fabric anytime soon, so leather it is!

Now where can I get one that doesn't fall apart in less than a year, is made of leather that reclines opposed to stationaryThe places some of you mentioned had some nice ones but either they didn't recline or didn't have traditional styles. Again thanks to everyone for all the info and will embrace any new info.

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