Bari Furniture - Bellagio Set - can't get service

jp02695150June 19, 2009

Do not buy furniture over the internet!

Bari was extremely responsive during the sales process, sending samples, follow up emails, etc.

Once delivered however, can't get repsonses, call backs, nothing.

Furniture delivered with bad indentations in the sofa arms. One side you could feel the wood underneath. Called Customer Service before the driver left and Mia indicated we should take delivery, and document the damage with pictures, but it should return to form in 7-10 days.

After 14 days and no improvement at all, we called back to find out the Mia left the company and I needed to talk with Jennifer, who apparently works there because she has voicemail, but never returns calls.

After repeated calls. Someone who works in customer service told us to try using a hair dryer on get the foam to come back, still not understanding that the foam is so badly displaced, you can feel the wood. Tried it anyway, no surprise, no improvement.

Again repeated calls to customer service. Again very little in terms of actual customer service. Alledgedly, a field service technician will be sent out to fix it, had one message on the answering machine from this person, but that's it.

Sitting here months after delivery, completely dis-satisfied.

If for some reason you still decide to order furniture over the internet, do not under any circumstance accept delivery if the pieces are anything less than perfect.



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Like all things, there are good internet sellers and bad ones. You can learn here on this forum whom the good ones are.

If you paid for your order via Credit Card, you can begin chargeback proceedings even months later. That will have the effect of either giving you a full refund, or getting the service attention you desire.

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