HeatnGlo refuses to light? Why not?

canudigitDecember 11, 2009

My gorgeous 9 yr. old Heatnglo gas log fireplace Model CFX-IN, with a constant pilot light on, won't turn on when I flip the rocker switch on the side. It won't light when I turn up the millivolt thermostat it's connected to either.

I knew I was addicted to licorice, but am also apparently addicted to the warm comforting heat of this fire. Anybody know why it won't turn on and if it's going to cost me and arm and a leg?

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Here I go talking to myself again.
So now the fireplace is lighting. After cooling off overnite. The trouble shooting manual says cause of not lighting could be defective on/off switch, defective valve, plugged burner orifice, thermopile may not be generating sufficient millivoltage, wall switch wire defective.
No wonder they recommend you get a once a year check-up.
I'm going to leave the thing for now, hope it lights, and maybe get it fixed (tho when the serviceman shows up, it will inevitably work) after next growing season.

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