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kay____hMarch 27, 2014

I am in a conundrum. I have a D style log home, so all of the exterior walls of the house are finished knotty pine. Additionally, the ceilings are knotty pine. I love both. The floor, however, is a mish-mash of light oak, beige tile and beige carpet. It feels like being in a cardboard box. So we have selected a wonderful dark wood flooring this will contrast with the walls and we are going to run it throughout the house. (one story)

Now to the conundrum - The wood on the ceiling, throughout the house, runs north to south. So do the floor joists. By the rules, I should run the floor east and west, but I am afraid it will be like a checker box - cris-crossing like that. There are additional beams between the joists adding extra support to the flooring and the wood we have down now is running with the joists and it does not squeak, pop or otherwise appear defective.

We will be using 3/4" solid birch and understand that the warranty will be void if we lay with the joists. We are not terribly concerned about the warranty. We are concerned about the appearance. One other thing, the hallway in the house runs east and west so running it with the ceiling means short boards on the hallway - looks ok on the ceiling.

I guess I am just looking for a little reassurance. Or strong warnings!


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I know in our last couple of builds we wanted the floors to run the opposite way that they were installed, but due to the high cost of replacement and lack of warranty if anything went wrong we followed the suggested way. I thought the floors would look horrible and in the end they looked great and the board direction never made the big difference I thought it would.

All the best.

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Thank you xc. I appreciate your input and hope for more. I know it is not something to stress over, but stress is just what I do.....

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I think you would be quite okay running your flooring the opposite direction as you ceiling boards. You probably get more checkerboard effect now with your mish mash of materials then you will when it is all cohesive.

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Thanks, I am beginning to think you are right. Honestly I don't notice things like that at other peoples home, I don't know why I would freak out about it in my own.


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I agree... You won't notice. Especially since it will be darker. Keep the warranty, and avoid any other issues (squeeks etc).


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