Sunbrella New Fabrics for 2012-2013

heathernjJune 21, 2012

I am ordering furniture and want to do COM with a Sunbrella velvet style fabric. I know some new things came out at the NC spring market and some more at the June Showtime in High Point but I can't find a single person to help me find these new samples or tell me when they'll be available. I haven't been able to find a single vendor or designer that has any information. I've even been informed by some of the vendors on the Glen Raven website that Sunbrella doesn't make any velvet or chenille fabrics currently. If anyone can provide any direction it would be appreciated. I am in Somerset NJ and would love if you could let me know of any places that carry the new Sunbrella lines.

I tried looking at Sunbrella and some other fabric websites. Its so hard to tell on the computer monitor what shade (or for that matter what texture) some of the fabrics are. I don't really care if its velvet, I just want something with a soft hand/texture. I really want to go with a light color (off white, ivory, cream or at the darkest maybe a light beige). Oddly enough I did find that Century Furniture carries a Sunbrella velvet in what looks like a perfect color but I'm not getting my furniture from Century. It is a good idea of what I'm looking for though.

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Heather, have you looked on some of the outdoor furniture websites? For example, Lloyd Flanders and Summer Classics are higher-end users of Sunbrella. They might show what you're looking for on their websites (if they keep them up to date).

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Did you call Sunbrella they might be able to send you in the right direction. Also there are fabric stores that also carry Sunbrella you might try that route. If all else fails go to a store that carries Century and see if they will sell you the fabric at a fair price.

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