Cheap flooring for closets to pass inspection

Oleander15March 7, 2013

As part of our inspection before we can close on our house (it is a short sale in need of a lot of repairs but none major) we need to put down flooring of some kind in 2 rooms. Both are upstairs and will only be used by us, not rooms others will see when visiting. One is a 42 sq ft closet and the other is an 89 sq ft unfinished bathroom (plumbed but just an empty room that nothing was done with after construction.)

We want something cheap, and something I can install by myself or maybe with a little help. Both rooms will be used for storage and we will likely not finish this bathroom any time soon as there are only 2 of us and we already have 2 full baths... so it is not needed.

I was thinking the cheap carpet that you can get cut off a roll at Lowes for under $1/sq ft or maybe some type of vinyl/laminate (?) flooring that they also have on rolls in the same area of Lowes. This is (obviously) not something I know much about! We are replacing the carpet in the rest of the house, but we won't be doing that till after closing and did not plan on carpeting these closets anyways.

So any ideas would be helpful!

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How about peel and stick vinyl tiles that you can just buy off the shelf at a hardware store. They are so easy to install.

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Thanks! That is what we decided to do. We did both rooms for just over $60 and it only took a few hours!

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