Used Carpet - would anyone want it?

bluestarrgalleryMarch 26, 2010

We just bought a home with carpet and want to put laminate in it. I don't want to insult anyone and I also don't want just any Tom, Dick or Harry coming to get carpet for free, but I don't want to throw away carpet that someone can use.

Would anyone want mauve plush carpet, it seems to be in good condiiton? What do you think.

We're in Central Florida, where that color carpet is used quite frequently. beach style I guess

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I just posted a ad on craigslist for used carpeting and I got probably 20 responses. Its 20 yrs old but feel that people will want it. Some are just using it temporarily or fixing up an old cabin or whatever. I'm sorting thru to avoid the people that want to just take a 12 x 12 etc. Hopefully someone will take it all.

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thanks boxers, i will post on Craig's list and see what happens, I appreciate it.

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maybe not what you were considering, but I know people that cut the carpet into strips and put it jute side up in the garden for mulch. I've never tired it but have several co-workers who say it's great - but my garden is 4000 sq feet so maybe that would be too much carpet to deal with LOL!!


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yes, they are people who could use it. it might be much better than what they have and they can't afford to buy new carpet.

maybe they want to carpet the kid's playhouse, part of the garage for play or part of the basement. or even the attic.

there could be numerous reasons - but if it can be reused it helps someone else and the environment.

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I also just ended up with a whole truckload in the Orlando area. Anyone know of anyone who could use that much? I have been calling hotels but it is taking forever.

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Only low end motels would even consider used carpet. Don't get me wrong...there is a market for it, but finding a buyer or someone to take it for free is the tough part. In NYC...a company called Build it Green takes usable carpet on occasion and sells it at next to can be very helpful for folks who cannot afford new.

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As we remodeled our house, room by room, I posted our carpet on freecycle and was overloaded with takers in no time. We made the deal that they had to pull it up and haul it out and take the pad too. No shortage of people who really needed it, and appreciated the upgrade it provided them. Everyone from hard luck stories to someone needing scraps for his garage. We've used carpet in our shop to pad metal racks.

Freecycle it, definitely.

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Our local animal,shelter was VERY happy to take it. They will give a receipt for deduction if you want it.

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