Gas on/off valve installed INSIDE the Fireplace

bretthDecember 1, 2010


I recently moved into a home and the previous owner looks like he was in the process of finishing the fireplace to hook up an insert or something else. The gas line is inside the fireplace, but the turn on valve is inside the fireplace as well and not outside on the wall. I would like to install some gas logs, but am concerned that having the gas on/off valve inside the fireplace would be OK. Any thoughts?


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I think the shut off valve is typically installed inside the firebox. This is normal.If you decide to get gas logs, the dealer should visit your home, take measurements, and make sure the gas outlet is located where it can be easily connected to the gas logs. For example, if the gas pipe is in the left side of the firebox (it usually is), you want to make sure the gas logs unit has a connection on the left for the gas. These are technical details you should let your installer worry about.

If you are concerned about having a hard time putting your hand inside the firebox to regulate the gas logs, this is almost never an issue. Most systems come with remote control devices, so they turn on and off just like your tv.

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