Budget lodging near Legoland???

mcookAugust 5, 2006

My sister-in-law, her husband & their 4 kids are visiting Legoland next week from out of town. They are looking for budget lodging near Legoland.

Anyone has any suggestion on that?

Thanks in advance!!!



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I just noticed your post - guess they're there by now???

Well, was going to suggest maybe a campground with a tent (or two). (Or, hide the kids in car, get a cheap hotel for two adults, bring air mattresses or sleeping bags, & make sure the kids are QUIET! LOL!)

Well, it's probably too little too late.

My son graduated from a "tourist trap, college town" several years ago. His graduation was going to be in June, and as it happened, it was the same weekend of "Fathers' Day", AND all schools were out - people getting early start on vacations.

I did research on internet (new to me at the time), and got the free maps/books from auto club.

I found NO hotels for less than $200.00 per night, and most were booked anyway!

I did some local shopping, and found an 8' x 8' tent for $50, TWO sleeping bags for $20 each, a "queen sized" air mattress with a foot pump for about $30 or $40, and a cmaping lantern for about $20 or so...

Anyway, I spent just under $200 on "gear", found a very nice campground @ about $11.00 per night.

We spent 5 nights / 6 days there for about $500.00. That INCLUDED GASOLINE in the car for an approximate 1400 mile trip (plus the extra wandering we did along the way), PLUS, we STILL HAVE now a tent, sleeping bags, camp lantern...

I took old bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels...(I can't throw ANYTHING away - LOL!)

We had a wonderful time!

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