Where did you get your latex mattress?

alisandeJune 21, 2005

(And do you like it?)

I need to replace my Euro-Tex latex mattress. I got the first one two years ago, and it developed a depression where I sleep. The store replaced it with the same model, and this one has a more serious problem: one side is comfortable, the other is way too soft, hurting my back. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but one possibility is starting all over and sinking more money into a new mattress.

Did anyone have good results buying online? FoamSweetFoam? Flobeds? Anywhere else?

Thanks for your help!


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Yes, Memoryfoam.com. We just bought (and received) a memory foam mattress kit. The site is very informative, you can ask questions on the forum or by phone. They have several choices using latex or memoryfoam. Shipping is free. I suggest you talk to them about solutions to your problem. Steve

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Please check the link below. This forum has all you'll ever need to know about mattresses, particularly latex. Use the search function and you'll be flooded with information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mattress Forum

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Check out Flobeds We've had the posture zone select for over two years. Great bed many options so it fits you and your spouse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flobeds

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Sealy Imperial Beach latex with memory foam. King size. Love it. Best sleep ever for my wife and me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sealy Latex Foam Mattresses

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You've only had it two years? That's VERY unusual for a properly made Latex mattress. Like all things, there are the right ways to do one, and the wrong ways. Sounds like you didn't get one done the right way.

A good latex mattress is expensive. Done right, they're around $ 3K for a box and matt set. They will last a very long time, however.

Its my understanding that all the high-quality latex mattresses cores come from the same production facility in Europe. Apparently there's quite an art to making one correctly and the one place that does it right has a virtual monopoly on the cores. I can't verify that, but my supplier for my latex beds told me that was the reason they're so pricey.

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I purchased a Simmons Naturalcare Latex yesterday from Sleep Experts. Replacing a Temperpedic due to being too HOT.

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My latex mattress is a latex kit from FloBeds that I love since I was able to create a mattress that is just right for me.

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