Harman XXV pellet stove vent blockage

jarvinenDecember 9, 2011

Our Harman XXV pellet stove began burning oddly (large, slow burning flames) and smelled pretty bad. I assumed it was lack of air so I checked the vent outside. The screen was nearly completed covered with soot and I cleaned it. Immediately it began to burn normally again.

I'm concerned as to why the screen became clogged to begin with (we've had the stove for 3 years and this has never happened) and if I should be concerned about more blockage somewhere along the entire vent.

Any advice? Should I clean the entire vent? Thank you.

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I've had my Harman xxv stove for 4 years now and I HATE it, every year it has to be worked on and service calls are $100. just to come out... there for I would NOT recommend anyone buy one of these crappy stoves, you would think for the price I paid $3,000. that it would work .... just buy a real wood stove !!!!

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We've really liked it for our 3 years. This is our first experience with a problem.

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Are you giving your stove a good weekly cleaning.If not that is the only way to keep a pellet stove running at top performance.Takes about one hour each week.If you have a manual it will tell you how to do the basics.

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