chimney question (rodent control)

just_julieDecember 21, 2010

Not sure if this is the proper forum but a chimney is attached to a fireplace and I'm desperate!

We have a rodent (and shrew!) issue and I suspect the things are getting in through the chimney. The original owner had a regular wood burning fireplace converted into a Jotul Woodburning stove... set the stove on the hearth and ran the pipe up the chimney.

We know for a fact animals have entered here because we fell asleep on the couch one night and were woken up at 4 am by a baby squirrel falling down and somehow getting into the room.

We called a local wood stove dealer/installer (same guy that cleaned everything when we moved in) .. he said he climbed up there and caulked.

We still have animals getting in- Orkin can't find any access points -- they won't go on the roof.

We are considering installing a metal (copper?) band around the outside of the chimney, 2 feet wide to prevent anything from crawling up there.

Has anyone tried this? Would it actually work? Internet searches have shown similar bands on inside wall corners and also bands around trees to discourage raccoons.

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I would get an inspection from another chimney expert, an impartial one who has not worked on your chimney. I would also look closely at the owner's manual for the Jotul unit you have installed. If the previous owner did not give you one (he should have), you may be able to get one from the Jotul website. They sometimes offer them for downloading as pdf files. In my limited understanding of these things (I have a Jotul direct vent gas logs insert in my fireplace), installing a stove in a fireplace probably involves a fair amount of work in retrofitting certain components into the chimney, and probably also requires installing something new at the top -- I think they call it a chase. It is quite possible that the installer of your stove cut some corners and did not follow the Jotul installation instructions. With the manual in hand, you may then be better informed on what needs to be done to correct the problem.

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Thank you, Haus. We do have the owner's manual and it's likely the original owner/builder didn't do something properly.

Guess we should start there and not just address the climbing issue!

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