convert LP to Natural Gas

flyweedDecember 20, 2009

HI all...I am just wondering what I Need to convert my LP direct vent fireplace to using Natural gas? My fireplace is a Vanguard model VT32P

Minimum inlet supply pressure 11" w.c.

Manifold pressure 10" w.c.

Output rating Max 11,050 Btu/h

Input Rating (0-4500ft) Max. 17,000 Btu/h

Min. 11,000 Btu/h

Also, my next question is size of copper tubing to use on the run from my gas meter to the fireplace? The run is 25 feet..can I just go with 1/2" ID tubing, or should I use 3/8" tubing??

Any advice on the natural gas connection would be great. Thanks


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