Creasote leaking...?

buckeye_brianDecember 3, 2007

I built my house 3-yrs ago. I have a Yukon Eagle IV dual fired furnace. I also have a fireplace with separate flue in same chimney. The chimney is solid masonry units with real stone on outside (4" to 6" thick). Both flues are 13" clay. They both burn very well. The fireplace will run you out of the room it draws so well.

My problem is my furnace flue leaks creasote down my wall in basement? I have attempted to burn the most seasoned wood I can find. I have been working out of town for a long time I haven't been able to cut my own wood. My supplier(s) sware the wood is completely seasoned...but it still leaks where my furnace pipe enters into the basement wall into chimney flue. The wood looks seasoned. It doesn't have sap running out of it or seam heavy with excessive water in it. It looks like good wood!

The wood I have been burning is cherry, oak, locust, ash and hedge. I am sure there is 5 or 6 others they have thrown in as well.

I have been burning wood my entire life and never had this much trouble with cresote.

Anybody have any advice?

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Get the chimney cleaned right away. If you bought the wood in the past month it isn`t ready to burn-don`t care what they told you. You are getting cresote from smoldering fires or wet wood,has to be one or the other. Spend 15 bucks and get a stove thermometer. I always have next years wood put away by Feb. at the latest. And I know it`s ready to go because my moisture meter tells me it is between 17 and 27% moisture content. Good luck, and keep an eye on that chimney.

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