St. Crroix Pellet stove, awful tech support

bobl_2008December 1, 2008

I bought a St. Croix pellet stove insert in June 2008. So far no problems with performance. But support... forget it. The manual is badly written. You are at the mercy of your local dealer. If you have a technical question and call the manufacturer in Waco, Nebraska you will hit a stone wall. I had a simple question about purchasing the right kind of UPS (battery backup) which my dealer had (wrongly) discouraged me from purchasing. The operator simply refused to put me through to a technical person and referred me back to the dealer who had told me not to to get a battery backup. Bit of catch 22 there.

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That's common for most manufacturers. Tech support people generally don't want to talk to customers. Can't blame them much --- they expose themselves to legal liability if they try to diagnose problems without observing the equipment themselves.

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i tell people not to buy a battery backup because it doesn't last long and it cost as much as a nice generator . you can be warm and have a light on.

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