Phoenix or Heritage Hearthstone Stove?

NazgulDecember 5, 2011

I am going to purchase one of the above stoves for my Great Room (main part of my house) and install it in my current fireplace. Both meet all the height and width requirements. I was going to use the optional Outside/Cold Air intake since my fireplace has a Circular opening/vent for that already built in. The hearth extending in front of the fireplace is only 17inches long so the stove would be flush at the end, maybe 1/2 away. My question is what do people recommend? I like them both, the Phoenix is a little cheaper and not as deep which is nice, while the Heritage has the side loading door which I believe I'll still be able to access even though the the back part will be inside the fireplace. I get the impression they will burn differently from reading the specs, any thoughts on that?

Thanks for any help you can give. Here is a link to some pictures of the fireplace I'd put it into.;feat=directlink

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